Full Service Lawn Care

We are proud to offer Full Service Lawn Care to both residential and commercial clients in the greater Moncton area. We are always thrilled when a client signs up for “Full Service Lawn Care” because we know they are getting the best lawn service available for their property.


Mowing – Grass will be cut once per week or as needed, with top of the line equipment. 


Edging – Edges on beds will be properly established and maintained (where feasible). Line edging (around trees, along fences, etc.) and blade edging (along sidewalks and driveways) is included.


Bed Maintenance – Garden beds will be kept free of weeds, leaves, dead plant material, and other debris. Bedding plants will be routinely maintained to keep them healthy and attractive.


Pruning – All shrubs, hedges, and trees (under 15 feet tall) will be properly pruned. Trees over 15 feet will be discussed, with advice given.


General Plant Care – Plant material will be monitored closely. We will report problems that come up that are not included in your program.


Curb Sweep – All sidewalks and curbs will be cleaned after each visit. Weeds growing in cracks and curbs will be controlled.


Cleanup – Any mess created by SWEET Landscaping Ltd. in the course of these duties will be cleaned up before we leave the site. All debris will be removed from the site.


Litter Control – Thorough litter pickups are included in each visit. This does not include dog waste.


We pride ourselves on being a company that you can truly rely on. When you need us, we’ll be there.

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